Smooth Water Revisited

The following post originally appeared in 2006, on the 13th anniversary of my father’s death. Today is his birthday. He would have been 80 years old. I thought it fitting to bring this post back to the top in honor of him. Happy Birthday Dad.


It is 6:30 in the morning. The wind is hard in my face and my body is shivering. Tears run from both eyes as I sit blinking in the bow of our speeding boat. No one is speaking, for we are in route.

Not ten minutes prior I was sleeping comfortably in bed. Then, in a blur, I was awakened, dressed, and now somehow find myself here, careening across the cool morning water of the lake. The sleeping world surrounds me. I yearn for the comfort and warmth of my bed, a bed that is likely still warm without me. Through my tear-soaked eyes, the only sign of life I see is the occasional duck scurrying to evade our determined craft. But we have no time to stop for ducks right now, for we are in route.

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Tip Tuesday with Jens Lindemann

This past week I was featured in an interview on Jens Lindemann’s Facebook page for his “Tip Tuesday’s” series. I thought it would be good to share what I wrote here on LivMusic as well. Click here to visit Jens Lindemann’s Facebook page.

Here is the transcript from the Q&A:

Tip Tuesday Pic

Below please find the wonderful answers from Craig Morris! Make sure to thank Craig in the comment section for taking the time to write these amazing responses!

1. When you have won the CSO job, how did you adapt/change your practice routine to the CSO’s busy schedule? And also, how did you handle the pressure once you started the job? Thanks!

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Have Trumpet Will Travel

One of the amazing things about being a performer is the opportunity to travel around the world, meeting new people, experiencing new places, new sights, sounds, food, drink…

It’s really extraordinary when you think about it. I am able to travel around the world and experience all of these things simply because of my ability to buzz my lips together into a small mouthpiece attached to a long tube with a flair at the end, stringing together a series of sounds that hopefully will somehow move and/or excite whoever I am playing for. Or alternatively, I am brought to one corner of the globe or another in order to teach, helping people who themselves hope to be able to do this exact same thing. And more often than not, I am brought there to both perform and teach. It’s a pretty extraordinary thing when you think about it. And it makes me feel like a pretty lucky guy to be able to do this.

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Site Restored. Time to Write.

If you happen to have visited over the last couple of months you may have encountered a number off odd things. The site was clearly targeted by a hacker (on multiple occasions) and it has taken a good bit of handwringing to get it restored. Combine that with the fact that a php update on my web hosting server caused the site to crash in August, and you have what can be described as a tumultuous summer for LivMusic. Now however, there have been a number of behind the scenes updates and changes and hopefully things can go a bit more smoothly from here on. Now I just have to carve out time to write and add content, which is exactly what I intend to do…

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A Letter to Bud Herseth

Dear Bud,

The news of your passing today came as a shock to me, and I have spent a good deal of time reflecting on the time that I was fortunate enough to spend with you both on and off stage. That time will always rate as some of the most memorable and valuable experiences I have had in my life. I will never forget walking onto the stage of Orchestra Hall, a young 4th trumpet player as green as could be. You were the first one to come over and say hello, and I will always remember the words you said to me…

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